The CrossFit Armoury KickStart Program is a 4 week program comprised of 12 one hour sessions designed to safely teach new members the movement performed in our daily classes! As part of our introductory package every individual that signs up will receive a PDF containing all a description and breakdown of all the moments we will be covering as well as common scalings we will be using in our classes. 

We run the Program from the first date for the following 4 weeks. Classes are at the following times:

Armoury West                       Armoury South

Monday @ 7 pm                    Monday @ 7 pm

Thursday @ 7 pm                  Wednesday @ 7 pm

Saturday @ 10 am                 Saturday @ 9am


Each session will build on the class before it; This means we begin with simple movements and gradually move into more difficult ones as the weeks progress!


Program Details

Each week is broken down into simple manageable chunks to ensure a steady and meaningful learning environment. Each class can additionally be broken down into two components. First is movement instruction. The Coach will demonstrate and explain proper technique for any movement being performed in the days class. The individuals in the class will then work through these movements as a group. Once everyone is comfortable the workout portion of the class will begin. This gives new members an opportunity to see how our workouts are structured and to learn any of the terminology we use. As an added bonus everyone gets a good workout in too! 

To give you more of an understanding around what each week will contain we split the weeks up. Below there is also an example of a class that will actually be used during the program. 

Week 1 - Basic bodyweight and gymnastic movements

Week 2 - Basic weightliftings

Week 3 - Advanced gymnastics

Week 4 - Advanced weightlifting 

Example Week One Class One:

Movement Instuction :

In the movement instruction portion of the class the Coach will break down the movements for the day one at a time to ensure everyone is performing these movement correctly. 

Indoor Row

Air Squat

AbMat Sit-Up 



Work Out:

New members will be shown how to set up for a typical workout as well as how these workouts are run in a regular class environment. And then they will do the workout!


For Time:

500m Row

40 Air Squats

30 Sit Ups

20 Push-Ups

10 Pull-Ups