What is Armoury Field Training (AFT) ?

AFT is a specialized training program that utilizes CrossFit Armoury's effective weekly programming modified to fit any at-home setting.

Who is this Program for?

AFT is for anyone who physically cannot get to the gym (CrossFit or other) or who have limited time. All AFT workouts can be completed - from warmup to workout in an hour or less.

This program is also for people who require multiple scaling variations based. This could include but is not limited to individuals:

  • with injuries
  • new to CrossFit or exercise
  • with limited access to equipment
  • who are travelling

What will you receive?

You will receive your workouts by email unless otherwise decided upon. The AFT training program provides appropriate scaling variations based on your equipment availability and time. Any number of session per week can be requested. The program will be based on workouts already tested by CrossFit Armoury members. You also choose your rest days per week.

You will receive access to a private online Instagram community with other members of AFT. Frequent movement tutorials will be posted as well as other CrossFit/exercise specific posts.

You will be exposed to constantly different workouts, which will be season specific!

We look forward to starting with you!


**If the button does not work please email aft@crossfitarmoury.com to sign up**