At CrossFit Armoury we offer a wide variety of membership options to fit the needs of our community. For those of you who may be new to fitness, or trying CrossFit for the first time, we strongly recommend you look at our Kickstart Program. It is a 12 week membership designed to introduce you to the movements we perform on a daily basis in a smaller group and at a slower pace so you are ready to hit the ground running!


The CrossFit Armoury KickStart Program is a 4 week program comprised of 12 one hour sessions designed to safely teach new members the movement performed in our daily classes! As part of our introductory package every individual that signs up will receive a PDF containing all a description and breakdown of all the moments we will be covering as well as common scalings we will be using in our classes.

We run the Program from the first date for the following 4 weeks. Classes are at the following times:

Armoury West                               Armoury South

Monday @ 7 pm                            Monday @ 7 pm

Thursday @ 7 pm                          Wednesday @ 7 pm

Saturday @ 10 am                         Saturday @ 9 am

Each session will build on the class before it; This means we begin with simple movements and gradually move into more difficult ones as the weeks progress!

Each week is broken down into simple manageable chunks to ensure a steady and meaningful learning environment. Each class can additionally be broken down into two components. First is movement instruction. The Coach will demonstrate and explain proper technique for any movement being performed in the days class. The individuals in the class will then work through these movements as a group. Once everyone is comfortable the workout portion of the class will begin. This gives new members an opportunity to see how our workouts are structured and to learn any of the terminology we use. As an added bonus everyone gets a good workout in too!

$165.00 / 4 Week Enrolment

With our Unlimited Membership not only do you have access to all our CrossFit Classes but you also gain access to our Gymnastics, Olympic Lifting and Mobility Specialty Classes as well.


Gymnastics is one component of CrossFit, like many others, that stems from an entire sport. Like many sports some of the skills we perform take time and practice to perfect. And sometimes it takes a base level of strength before the skills can even be practiced. The goal of our gymnastics program is to bridge the gap and improve both strength and skill simultaneously! Participants will work on their pull ups, pushups, dips, handstand pushups, core strength, handstand walking, and muscle ups!

All of the movements in each workout are scaled to a meaningful progression allowing individuals to work on what they need to most. For beginner athletes this could mean a lot of strict pull up progression, and a more advanced athlete might be doing weighted variations instead. Everyone is welcome and everyone will get better!

Olympic Lifting

Do you want to increase your max snatch and clean and jerk? Do you want to learn proper technique and get the speed to get under that barbell? Then look no further! 

If you have been with us for a while then you already know that we are constantly working on Olympic lifts during our CrossFit classes. But we all know these two lifts require extra work, time and effort! So we are dedicating an entire class to just Olympic Lifting. You might be wondering how the Olympic lifting classes will be different from regular classes. The snatch and clean and jerk are highly technical lifts and in many cases require practice in specific positions, areas or phases in order to see progress. Our Olympic lifting classes are structured to highlight and develop areas that need improvement to help you reach your goals!


At CrossFit Armoury we believe in offering only the best instruction in everything that we do. The mobility class is no different; It is designed and taught by the Registered Physiotherapists from Optimize Physiotherapy! They regularly work with CrossFit athletes and know what needs to be done to loosen us up and how to make us better!

Each week will focus on a different area of the body with a unique series of stretches and techniques. It takes repeated efforts to make longstanding changes to any joint, tendon, or muscle! Come join us as often as you can and watch every aspect of your fitness improve! 

$180.00 / Month

At CrossFit Armoury our bread and butter is our CrossFit Classes. These are available through our Standard Membership and is where most of our clients train to get the best results. Our classes are programmed to improve our clients, strength, conditioning and technical proficiency! They are accessible to anyone of any fitness level. You do not need to “be in shape” before starting with us, this is what we do best. Classes are run by one or two instructors providing direction, technique corrections and movement scaling at all times throughout the hour. We program in cycles starting and ending with testing weeks approximately every 8 weeks so progress is easily measurable and visible!

$165.00 / Month

Our 10 Visit Unlimited Passes have all the same access as our Unlimited Memberships. Each class hour you attend will count towards 1 of the 10 sessions on the card.

If you intend to come more than twice a week (which we strongly recommend) the Standard or Unlimited memberships are more cost effective options!

Conditions : 
All Passes have a 90 day expiry period 
When a pass is used up another will be auto renewed

$165.00 / Pass

Our self-directed competitive group programming is an evolution of our Class programming. This track increases the volume and time in the gym to start to make an athlete more competitive for local competitions and for those special few, the Regionals. Athletes in this track will still be following the Class programming but will be given additional work on top to be done on their own time designed to work with higher skill movements and heavier weights!

If you are interested in signing up please email us to set up a consult!

Our final programming track is fully self-directed individual programming. In some cases our standard programming or class times do not work well for some individuals. They might work odd hours, they might have a very specific goal or they might be more comfortable in a more solitary environment. Whatever the reason may be we do offer fully individualized programming for individuals who are looking to go that route!

If you are interested in signing up please email us to set up a consult!


Discounts we offer:

  • Active service members - 10%
  • Students - 20%

***These discounts apply to our Standard and Unlimited Memberships, please email to have them applied***

The following policies apply to any and all memberships at CrossFit Armoury

  • Memberships must be charged through Credit Card or Direct Deposit no Cash
  • 30 Days notice is required for any membership cancellation
  • Membership cancellations must be completed via an email to

If you have any questions please feel free to email us at